Diatomaceous Earth for weight loss

Natural Source of Silica. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is composed of approximately 85% silica. Silica exists predominantly in the connective tissues such as skin, blood vessels, cartilage, bone, teeth, tendons and hair. Taken with water or fruit juice, silica offers many health benefits.

DE can promote digestive health by cleansing your body of toxins that slow it down. Getting rid of these toxins improves your body's functionality, which may help you shed weight faster as you exercise and eat well. Detoxing also creates a general sense of energy and well-being, which can help you have the motivation you need to exercise.

Some people also find that taking diatomaceous earth first thing in the morning curbs their appetite throughout the day, helping them control how much they eat. People also say that DE helps them control cravings for sugar.

There is yet another way taking diatomaceous earth can contribute to weight loss. People who take DE generally drink more water. This helps the DE move through your body easily without causing constipation. Drinking more water like this helps flush out your system, and people who drink more water are generally drinking less soft drinks and other high-calorie beverages.