Why go Organic/Green?


So, why go organic/green? We are huge advocates for using natural products, and we deserve to know exactly what goes on our skin. We choose to opt in for organic products more than the conventional products because not only are they more effective, they’re MORE safe and healthier to use. The unfortunate truth is that less than 12% of the cosmetics on the market have even had their safety assessed, and in many cases we don’t even know the potential health effects of the various chemicals. 

Many ingredients used in everything from sunscreen to baby shampoo have been linked to cancer, austim, and even asthma, to name a few.

The huge companies that sell these products are actually the ones in charge of assessing the safety of their own products, bummer for some us right? When they make both the rules and the products, we end up in a place where words like “herbal” and “natural” have no legal definition. 

This lack of regulation and knowledge on what we put on our skin is why we believe the organic market has become pretty popular more recently. Many honest entrepreneurs have dedicated themselves to producing and making available all kinds of cosmetics that don’t contain any toxic chemicals. This often comes with higher production expenses, since they have opted for natural and organic ingredients instead of the cheaper toxic ones, but greater safety is worth it when it comes to our health.


We want to bring more awareness to the fact that natural and organic products are just as amazing if not better than the few chemical products that people use on the daily basis. So we make a promise that all of products aren't used with unnecessary additives.