How long does it take everyday items to decompose?

Certified compostable products will break down within a 90-day period.

But how long does it take for non-compostable items to break down?

According to recent research the following is the estimated time for some everyday items that are all around us to decompose in landfill sites:

  • Plastic bottles: 70-450 years 

  • Plastic bag: 500-1000 years 

  • Tin can: around 50 years 

  • Leather shoes: 25-40 years 

  • Thread: 3-4 months 

  • Cotton: 1-5 months 

  • Rope: 3-14 months 

  • Cigarette: 1-12 years 

  • Milk packet (tetra) covers and drink packets: 5 years 

  • Nylon clothes: 30-40 years 

  • Sanitary napkins & children diapers: 500-800 years 

  • Glass bottles: 1,000,000 years

  • Hairspray bottle: 200-500 years 

  • Fishing line: 600 years

  • Glass bottle; 1-2 million years 

  • Aluminum can: 200 years

This is why we need to start thinking compostable. All of our products decompose into nutrient rich compost within 8-12 weeks. This compost is used to grow more plants, creating a closed loop cycle. By operating in this way, our products help divert waste from already overcrowded landfills.